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Alfendi "Kuro" Layton: 19, student + part-time Inspector of the Yard, living alone with dubious mental stability, and an immortal asshole. There are reasons, I promise.

AU where Alfendi kills Keelan and never develops Placid.

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*Puts hand on head like a shark fin. Starts humming Jaws theme.*

kuro-layton asked: copycat


"Milkshakes, you say?"

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I’m Kuro and my arms taste fantastic.

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hops on here just to reblog and send a prompt

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Send me “Copycat” for my muse doing an impression of yours.

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Cannot step out of sunshine without feeling pain


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Dragon-themed M!As

  • Albino Dragon: Muse now is, you guessed it, albino.
  • Arsani Dragon: Muse will give their possessions to anyone as a gift.
  • Balloon Dragon: Muse somehow floats in the air.
  • Black Dragon: Muse can now use a little bit of magic.
  • Black Capped Teimarr: Muse will have the urge to get away from home as far as possible.
  • Black Marrow Dragon: Muse will look dead to others even though they’re healthy and alive.
  • Black Tea Dragon: Muse somehow emits a scent attracting all kinds of insects. Hope you’re not afraid…
  • Blacktip Dragon: That date won’t happen… Muse cannot flirt, kiss, or do anything of the sort!
  • Bleeding Moon Dragon: Do not touch! Muse emits a strong poison, affecting anyone but themselves.
  • Blusang Lindwurm: Damn stairs… Muse cannot walk and will have to find another way if they want to go anywhere!
  • Bright-Breasted Wyvern: Muse can only wear bright colors. It’s time to party!
  • Bright Pink Dragon: Muse now becomes extremely flirty!
  • Brimstone Dragon: Muse thinks everyone sees them as worthless and hates them.
  • Canopy Dragon: What do you mean, I can’t climb up there? Muse might just find themselves up in a high tree or on the rooftops!
  • Cavern Lurker Dragon: Muse will be completely unable to go out in sunlight.
  • Cheese Dragon: Muse will think everything is food. Om nom nom…
  • Coastal Waverunner: Muse will grow fins.
  • Copper Dragon: Muse cannot leave the sunlight, or they will get hurt.
  • Crimson Flare Pygmy: Can’t stop! Muse will feel the need to go as fast as possible!
  • Dark Green Dragon: Muse will leave a trail of flowers, vines and grass behind wherever they walk.
  • Dark Myst Pygmy: Wait, who was that..? Muse forgets everyone!
  • Day Glory Drake: Muse becomes incredibly hot to the touch. Every time someone touches Muse, it becomes higher.
  • Daydream Dragon: I’m feeling….a bit….sleepy… Muse will randomly fall asleep, no matter what time of the day it is!
  • Deep Sea Dragon: Muse has glowy skin, scales and gills. Yay.
  • Dorsal Dragon: Muse can only talk about themselves.
  • Duotone Dragon: Right or left? Muse gets two different personalities, and no matter what the problem is, they always want to choose different things.
  • Electric Dragon: Muse has the urge to touch anything that’ll give them a shock.
  • Ember Dragon: Muse is sick! (Anon decides symptoms.)
  • Flamingo Wyvern: Muse will fight over absolutely anything.
  • Frilled Dragon: Muse is now a child!
  • Geode Dragon: Muse becomes huge! (Anon decides size.)
  • Gilded Bloodscale Dragon: Every time someone says Muse’s name, something happens [Anon’s choice]
  • Gold Dragon: Muse gains a metallic gleam to them, and might just be mistaken for a golden statue.
  • Golden Wyvern: Any metal Muse touches turns into gold.
  • Gold-horned Tangar: Muse loses their most prized possession.
  • Grave Dragon: Muse will sometimes uncontrollably attack others.
  • Gray Dragon: Everything is just horrible…. Muse becomes extremely depressed, with a raincloud following them as bonus!
  • Green Dragon: Muse becomes one of the dragons on this list (Anon decides which. Check for their appearance!)
  • Guardian Dragon: Muse becomes overprotective of [anon’s choice]. Hope they won’t get annoyed…
  • Guardian of Nature: Muse gains the power of three elements, chosen by the anon. Don’t piss them off, now….
  • Harvest Dragon: IS THAT FOOD?! Muse becomes incredibly hungry, no matter how much they eat.
  • Heartseeker Dragon: Muse used Attract! Anyone who comes close will be captivated by that sweet, sweet scent.
  • Hellfire Wyvern: If Muse is female, they become extremely aggressive. If Muse is male, they become scared of everything and extremely submissive.
  • Hellhorse Dragon: Muse just needs to release their anger and becomes extremely violent!
  • Holly Dragon: Muse becomes extremely cheerful and will try to get others cheerful too!
  • Horse Dragon: Muse cannot speak.
  • Ice Dragon: Muse becomes similar to ice. Touching water? It’s frozen over. Touching fire? It’s game over!
  • Imperial Fleshcrowne: Help! Muse will get scared of even the slightest things...
  • Lumina Dragon: Muse will think about nothing but dirty, dirty things. Too bad, though, since everyone they had those thoughts about will get to see them when the M!A is over.
  • Magi Dragon: Muse will be able to teleport small distances. Need to get to the other side of the room? Simple!
  • Magma Dragon: Fire won’t kill Muse anymore…. but they’ll still feel it! Ouch…
  • Mint Dragon: Muse thinks everyone sees them as worthless…
  • Misfit Pygmy: Watch out! Muse will play pranks on anyone, even their lover and/or best friend!
  • Moonstone Dragon: Muse becomes a werewolf.
  • Nebula Dragon: Aren't those stars pretty? Muse can predict the future, using [anon's choice].
  • Neglected Dragon: Muse will try and take revenge on anyone who has ever done something bad to them, no matter how small.
  • Neotropical Dragon: Muse feels the need to party all night. Wooo!
  • Night Glory Drake: Muse becomes incredibly cold to the touch. Every time someone touches Muse, it becomes lower.
  • Nilia Pygmy: Muse becomes hyperactive, and will constantly bug a person of the anon’s choice. Prepare yourself for angry people…
  • Nocturne Dragon: Wait, is that the sun I see..? Muse now will be unable to move in sunlight!
  • Ochredrake: Muse cannot think anything without saying it out loud anymore! Better get rid of those dirty thoughts…
  • Olive Dragon: Muse is now an animal of anon’s choice!
  • Paper Dragon: Muse is flat and fragile like paper.
  • Pillow Dragon: Mmm, fluffy…. Muse wants to hug everyone!
  • Pink Dragon: It’s time for our beloved… GENDERBEND!
  • Pumpkin Dragon: Muse will be bound to a certain object [anon’s choice]. Whatever happens to the object happens to the muse too!
  • Purple Dragon: Muse will be extremely innocent. How was i made, mommy?
  • Pygmy Dragon: Muse is now tiny! How tiny exactly? Well, that’s up to the anon….
  • Red Dragon: Muse just wants to destroy a couple of villages. Maybe throw a few cities in there too.
  • Red-finned Tidal Dragon: Muse dances non-stop.
  • Ribbon Dancer: Muse has to sing everything they say in song lyrics.
  • Ridgewing Dragon: Muse is happy and smiles at all times. Even if their best friend just died.
  • Rosebud Dragon: Muse only likes the smell of [anon’s choice] and will attempt to make everything smell like that.
  • Royal Blue Dragon: Where are my servants? Muse thinks they are a prince/princess!
  • Royal Crimson Dragon: The title ‘Royal’ is there for a reason. Muse becomes extremely arrogant!
  • Seasonal Dragon: Muse’s personality becomes centered around a certain season… Winter? Cold! Summer? Extremely excitable!
  • Seawyrm Pygmy: Muse becomes a magical girl. No, there aren’t refunds on Soul Gems.
  • Seragamma Wyvern: Muse loses [anon’s choice] until they kill someone…or get killed.
  • Shadow Walker: Muse becomes nearly invisible.
  • Shallow Water Dragon: Is this what happened to Haru? Muse will feel somewhat stra- IS THAT A POOL?!
  • Shimmer-scale Dragon: Muse is extremely wanted by everyone for some reason… Who doesn’t want to own your muse?
  • Silver Dragon: Muse glows. A lot.
  • Skywing Dragon: Muse will gain wings. That’s all. Nothing else. Just wings.
  • Snow Angel Dragon: Muse is slowly freezing! If they don’t get warmed up, they’ll be unable to move, speak and eventually die!
  • Soulpeace Dragon: Muse switches personalities with someone.
  • Speckle-throated Dragon: Muse switches bodies with someone.
  • Spitfire Dragon: Muse just wants to see blood, and will hurt themselves.
  • Spotted Greenwing: Muse will try to hug everyone they see.
  • Stone Dragon: Why is it so hard to walk? Muse remains their normal self, but becomes incredibly heavy!
  • Striped Dragon: Where did you go? Muse will be able to get the same color as anything they touch!
  • Sunrise Dragon: Muse is an angel.
  • Sunset Dragon: Muse is an demon.
  • Sunsong Amphiptere: Jackpot! Muse will have AMAZING luck!
  • Sunstone Dragon: Muse's spirit is bound to a certain object [anon's choice] and they will have to find their body back.
  • Swallowtail Dragon: Muse is a minor god/goddess of [anon's choice]
  • Sweetling Dragon: Muse will beg, scream and even attack, just to get their favorite [anon’s choice]
  • Terrae Dragon: Muse cannot sleep and will feel the need to work all day.
  • Thunder Dragon: Muse will shock to anyone who comes too close.
  • Tinsel Dragon: Muse will be hopelessly in love with [anon's choice].
  • Tri-Horn Wyvern: Muse is extremely, extremely ill. Hallucinations, vomiting and blood with a chance of death!
  • Tsunami Wyvern: Muse will be incredibly manipulative.
  • Turpentine Dragon: My bed is the most popular tourist attraction. Muse is drunk!
  • Two-Finned Bluna: Muse wants to kiss/hug/[anon's choice] everyone in their inbox!
  • Two-Headed Dragon: Muse is split into two different versions. Anon decides personalities.
  • Two-Headed Lindwurm: Muse will be an animal hybrid. Anon decides the animal.
  • Ultraviolet Dragon: Muse will have hallucinations.
  • Valentine Dragon: Muse will randomly speak their thoughts about someone out loud.
  • Vampire Dragon: Muse will want to drink nothing but blood.
  • Water Dragon: Is that a tail..? Muse is a mermaid/man.
  • Water Walker Dragon: Muse can walk on paths made on water and air, but they're thin and slippery.
  • Waterhorse Dragon: Muse will be soaking wet at all times, no matter how much they have been in the sun.
  • Whiptail Dragon: Muse cannot feel emotions anymore.
  • White Dragon: Muse will heal any wounds immediately and is unable to get sick.
  • Winter Magi Dragon: Muse finds a book of spells in their hands! Will they use it for good or for bad?
  • Wrapping-Wing Dragon: Muse is turned into a toy, only able to speak and walk.
  • Yellow-Crowned Dragon: Pack your stuff, we’re going to the desert! Muse will want to stay in the sun as long as possible.
  • Yulebuck Dragon: Wait, really? Muse will believe anything they’re told, from lies to insults.
  • Zombie Dragon: Braaaaains……
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i just realised i draw my own character’s hair reflecting his emotions amazing

sleep time. gonna go watch gotg tomorrow hopefully

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No. What the fuck.

Pfft— hahaha!

Your face was priceless!

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